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Glass has been around for a very long time. It is believed to date back to 3500 BC.

What's even more certain is that glass will be around for a mighty long time to come. The glass that has been broken, discarded and has ended up in landfill sites will take more than a million years to decompose.

Nowadays jewelry made with glass is considered cheap and chintzy. But it wasn't always that way.

Once upon a time glass was a luxury item reserved for royalty and the very rich.

Egyptian princes wore glass beads as an emblem of their elevated status.

Glass-making was once a secret process. In the heyday of Venetian glass-making, the death sentence was imposed on anyone who dared to leave Venice with the secrets of how to make glass.

Glass was included alongside gold and silver in lists of assets in Renaissance times.

When glass breaks, the cracks move at speeds of up to 3,000 miles per hour.

Laminated Glass

What many people refer to as safety glass or security glass, is known in the industry as laminated glass. It likely earned its nickname from the fact that it will not shatter or explode when subjected to shock.

However, there is an even more important reason why safety glass is strongly recommended by commercial glass installers, especially when it comes to storefront glass. For the kind of frameless glass required in large storefronts, laminated glass is simply a safer, more secure choice. It can stop crooks and burglars dead in their tracks.

Laminated glass takes a beating

Most people are familiar with what a car windshield looks like when it breaks. It fragments but the pieces hang together because there is a laminate, or plastic layer, sandwiched between two panes of glass.

Laminated glass is becoming the popular choice for retail outlets and businesses that are subject to the smash-and-grab type of break-in. The crooks get an awfully big letdown when they hit the window with a rock, brick, baseball bat, crowbar or whatever.

Often the laminated safety glass will repel the blow and the disappointed culprits will beat a hasty retreat. If they persist and manage to break the glass, they are still foiled, because it doesn’t shatter and fall away. The laminate holds it together, so it continues to be an effective barrier.

Laminated glass cuts 300% off losses from break-ins

C&G Glass & Mirror Ltd. services one of Ontario’s biggest retail chains. These outlets sell one single commodity: beer. So they experience a higher than average level of smash-and-grab incidents.

Like so many retailers, most of their storefront glass requirements call for large areas of frameless glass. Laminated glass is the best solution for that type of installation.

The Beer Store’s management turned to C&G Glass & Mirror Ltd. to find a way to reduce the high volume of inventory loss some outlets were racking up. Our recommendation was to use an extra sturdy gauge of laminated glass in outlets most vulnerable to break-ins.

Since taking our advice and implementing the security glass strategy, The Beer Store has reduced its losses attributed to theft by a whopping 300%.

Laminated glass: the real cost

Yes, laminated glass costs more than standard glass. But is it worth it?

In most cases it is definitely worth the higher price. Doing some very basic math will tell you all you need to know:

  1. Get a quote on regular glass versus safety glass and compare the difference.
  2. Estimate how much you would stand to lose in one single break-in.
  3. Compare your estimated losses against the added cost of laminated glass.

If the estimated loss is a higher number, it’s probably a good idea to give C&G Glass & Mirror Ltd. a call right away at (905) 738-4161. We have been specializing in storefront glass and all other commercial glass and door requirements since 1982.

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